Backup & Disaster Recovery

Peeled IT believe that an effective backup plan should be a part of your strategy. Most of the time this is overlooked.

In the event of a problem with your equipment, such as disk failure or a disaster situation in relation to your business or equipment as a whole such as theft, fire, flood or other natural disaster, you want to be sure that you are covered and your business isn’t negatively affected.

Peeled IT have discovered that on average, 90% of the businesses audited lack full or useful backups, which could be used to restore their IT environment to a usable state in the event of a catastrophic disaster, quickly if at all.

What will be done to ensure protection?

We understand how difficult it can be to keep track of your business data backups. It can be difficult to discover the data that is, and more importantly is not being backed up and if the backups are reliable.

Peeled IT will map the locations to all of your data that requires backing up. We then advise you on the best and most cost effective methods to protect your IT systems and software in the event of a disaster.

Physical solutions such as tape or USB backup should be installed as standard but for extra layer of protection other backup technologies such as imaging and offsite backups should be considered – offsite backups such as cloud solutions.

Our Online Backup Service

Utilising the Cloud This is how you can benefit, by backing your data up to the cloud:

Tick  Automation
Backing up to the cloud is a fully automatic process, with no physical access required.

Tick  Offsite
Having your data offsite allows it to be secure, in the event of something occurring at your primary location, which would result in losing your data locally.

Tick  Geo redundant
By having data centres are dispersed across the globe, your data can be replicated across several locations, providing you with more security. You tell us what you want backed up, how long you would like to retain the information for and we can configure our systems to securely backup your data via your internet connection to our data centres, where your data will be fully encrypted and redundantly stored.

Peeled IT offers a range of online backup options which will suit business requirements both large and small. We work with Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services to assist in providing you with peace of mind, when it comes to your data.