Business Internet Connectivity

Businesses don’t function without internet connectivity – you rely on it for connecting offices and as a line to the outside world. As it forms such a vital foundation to your operation, you’ll want a supplier you can rely on.

At Peeled IT we directly supply internet connectivity at competitive rates, whilst bypassing an often unhelpful middle-man, so you as the customer only have to deal with one point of contact.

Tick  Extremely Competitive Pricing
Tick  Static IP Address included at no extra cost
Tick  Migrate your existing services
Tick  Use your existing Analogue line, or transfer it to us. Line Rental from £10/m

As well as the basics like analogue lines and ISDN services, we can supply these types of internet connections:

Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) is the relative standard of data transmission over copper telephone lines. The fastest speed currently achievable by ADSL in the UK, is around 20MBps.

VDSL (Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line, also known as FTTC or “BT Infinity”) offers a much higher transmission speed over a copper line at a fraction of the cost of a fibre leased line, however this is only available in certain areas where your local exchange has been upgraded by BT Openreach. Allowing speeds up to 80MBps downstream and 20Mbps upstream this is a fantastic option for your business.

EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) constitutes a collection of network protocols, allowing users to run the Ethernet protocol over previously unsupported media, such as single pairs of telephone wiring and single strands of single-mode fibre (SMF). A bandwidth of up to 35MBps can be achieved.

Leased Lines
A leased line is the gold standard for internet connectivity and is based on a highly reliable, fixed-bandwidth, dedicated symmetric fibre optic data connection supplied to your premises. Maximum bandwidth of up to 10GBps is achievable.