IT Services

You can be assured by the fact that Peeled IT is a true one-stop-shop. Besides our comprehensive and flexible IT Support offering, we provide your business with fast, efficient, reliable and most importantly cost-effective IT Services.

We treat each business with the same level of service. We will not treat smaller companies as a low priority or regard small projects as “not worth our while” like some companies you may have dealt with in the past.

Had a quote you are unhappy with?

All too often we hear from businesses both small and large asking for a second or third quote, to compare the price which they have been quoted for an IT project, support or consultancy. On average, we beat over 95% of our competitors quotes by a fair margin and on a like-for-like basis.

Not only will Peeled IT offer a better price but in almost all cases, where suitable we will recommend alternative solutions which could benefit your business and save you money.


Contact us now, to start a conversation about what we can help your business achieve via technology, and how.