Network Support in London

Your business network is the backbone of your IT infrastructure which facilitates the connectivity of all devices within. This structure includes your servers, PCs, switches, printers and routers – should any such device develop a fault or be mis-configured your business will be susceptible to full or partial outages which will play havoc with your productivity. At Peeled IT we specialise in designing robust network solutions which guarantee uptime and high speed access to your servers and the wider internet.

At Peeled IT we utilise innovative tools to pro-actively monitor your network and all equipment that forms your infrastructure. This enables us to receive alerts with the status of your network so we can prevent a more sinister problem from escalating. This is one of the many aspects we include in our IT Support contracts which work together to supply a fully comprehensive support plan for your business.

Our network support team also conduct regular manual spot checks to ensure it is performing to its best. During this audit if we discover faults or areas where your network can be improved we will supply you with recommendations on how to best resolve them.


Internet Connectivity Services

Having a blisteringly quick connection to the internet nowadays is essential for business.

Peeled IT can supply a wide range of internet connectivity options. to you directly at competitive pricing.

In recent years BT Openreach has been rolling out FTTC which for most small businesses is the preferred option, however still to this day a large majority of London City has not been provisioned for this new technology.

For this reason, your only cheaper option is to utilise one of more ADSL connections or opt for a more enterprise-grade EFM or Leased line connection. We can help design a reliable solution while keeping a strict budget based on your requirements.


Network Support for your routers and switches

Over the years in business we have developed a vast wealth of knowledge with an extensive verity of network hardware including Cisco, HP, Draytek, ZyXEL, Netgear, Watchguard and many more.

All of our engineers are accredited with the most recognised network support certifications in the industry and are standing by to assist you.

If you would need support with an ongoing network related issue or if you would like Peeled IT to design a network for you, please call us on 020 3745 8920.