As a business you have enough to think about, when setting up or maintaining a satellite office in London, especially if there are multiple other offices worldwide. Partner up with Peeled IT, to provide various bespoke levels of support to ensure that your staff get the assistance they deserve when they need it.

On-Site Support
Why not maximise your revenues, by saving on expenses for recruiting, training and retaining a member of IT staff for your London office?

Peeled IT will provide you with an on-site consultant who will visit at regularly scheduled intervals to proactively assist your staff, monitor your IT equipment, deal with any reactive support cases as required and liaise with the appropriate person within your organisation to provide feedback and ensure everything is as it should be.

Remote Support
Providing support across time zones can be challenging. By allowing Peeled IT to seamlessly integrate with your existing help-desk staff, you can ensure that UK business hours, that would otherwise be receiving an “out-of-hours” service from your main help-desk, can comfortably be covered.

Helpings Hands
Save time and money by using Peeled IT to work with your existing IT staff in your London location. Utilise our expertise, to help you effectively and efficiently resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

Anything from carrying out remote upgrades, server deployments or whatever else you may need – from racking up a new server you have shipped over, to a completely managed process of sourcing, supplying, configuring and installing hardware to your specific requirements.

Contact us now to find out how we can assist with your London Office.