Business SIP Trunks

It is becoming more and more common now for businesses to switch from their expensive ISDN systems and analogue lines to SIP trunks due to their cost saving and flexible advantages over traditional copper lines.

Unlike copper lines they do not require a physical termination on premise, they instead establish this connection “virtually” over your internet connection which can go anywhere. This also allows flexibility with business continuity planning and when moving premises as you will only need to provision an appropriate internet connection in the new office and not have to think about getting phone lines installed.

For over 10 years Peeled IT have been proving SIP trunking and VoIP solutions to London businesses.

We strive to provide cost effective VoIP solutions with excellent customer service and ongoing support. .

SIP Trunk Cost Saving Benefits

Business SIP Trunking servicesEach channel enables 1 simultaneous call which means it is not mandatory to provision 1 channel for each user who requires a phone within your office.

Our SIP trunk rates are exceptionally competitive, from just £4 per trunk channel per month and no rental for numbers. This is a saving of approximately 60% comparing line rental for ISDN30 services from BT.

Phone call rates are charged on a per second basis so you are not charged for the minimum 1 minute like most providers do. We are delight to be able to offer competitive call rates in conjunction with SIP rental and our call rates.

To discuss in more detail please feel free to speak with one of our VoIP specialists on 020 3745 8920 who will be happy to assist you with your requirements.